Roberta Sutter

87 Belle Ave, Lowell, MA 01851

Phone: 978-458-0405



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Accomplished website developer with diversified experience. Special strengths in creative solutions for user goals, interactive software, accurate scheduling, and getting things done.

HTML; DHTML; XHTML; CSS; XML; XSL/XSLT; JavaScript; Flash; ActionScript 3; PHP; Perl; Dreamweaver; Photoshop; Google Analytics; CMS
Operating Systems:
Macintosh, Windows XP, VAX/VMS, Unix

Web Developer, HP / 3Com Corporation, August 2008-September 2010

Technologies used:
XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, XSL/XSLT, Flash, Actionscript 3, Photoshop, Google Analytics, Perl, jQuery, YouTube
  • Web development responsibilities include updating and implementing new functionality for all twenty-four 3Com/H3Cnetworks site, implementation strategy for translations, training new developers, creating and maintaining documentation.
  • Development lead for 3Com North America site, 3Com Latin America and Brazil sites, H3Cnetworks North America site, H3Cnetworks Russian site, and H3Cnetworks Brazil site.
  • Designed and implemented ActionScript 3 shell for homepage and 3Com 30th anniversary timeline. Designed and implemented H3Cnetworks medialab page, which integrates YouTube and itTunes, using Actionscript 3.

Website Developer, Freelance, 2002-present

Designed, implemented, and maintained websites for a variety of businesses. Sites are implemented in a variety of technologies, and cross-tested against multiple browsers and platforms.

Recent work includes:

Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Lowell
Technologies used:
HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Perl, Google Analytics, jQuery

New website, CSS-based design, includes PHP employee portal, forms, jQuery lightbox and slideshow.
Technologies used:
HTML, Perl, Javascript, CSS, Photoshop

New website, using CSS-based design.
Technologies used:
HTML, CSS, Photoshop

New website, using CSS-based design, with optimized graphics.
Technologies used:
HTML, Flash, ActionScript, Perl, Javascript, CSS, Photoshop

Website redesign, incorporating new data architecture, navigation optimization, graphic optimization, Flash animation, form to register users and supply them with course notes, and search engine optimization.
Technologies used:
HTML, Flash, ActionScript, Perl, Javascript, CSS, Photoshop

Website redesign, incorporating UI optimization, graphic touch-up and optimization, new logo design, Flash countdown timer, request form, PayPal integration.

User Interface Designer, Eluma, April 2007-Jan 2008 (contract)

Technologies used:
Web 2.0, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, Flash, ActionScript, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop, XSL, XML
  • Designed user interface for a new social networking desktop application. The application includes web 2.0 features, such as tagging, commenting, and ratings.
  • Developed working prototypes of several aspects of the product, using Flash and ActionScript.
  • Implemented the application's help functionality, using CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Wrote help content.

Business Owner, Nashua Massage Associates, 1994-2001

Founded and managed successful small medical massage therapy business. Assessed client injuries, and developed creative treatment plans tailored to the individual.

Digital Equipment Corporation, 1982-1984

Contractor, VAX/VMS Development Group

  • Ported internal libraries to 64-bit platform.

Software Engineering Supervisor, DBMS group

  • Facilitated interface between engineers, writers, and marketing.
  • Developed demo software for trade shows.

Principal Software Engineer, Commercial Languages and Tools

  • Technical leader for front end of hypertext advanced development project, resulting in first prototype of hypertext technology at Digital.
  • Implemented and maintained graphic user interface and file handling code for VAX Notes bulletin board product. Released several versions of product, all on schedule.

Principal Software Engineer, Network Management Applications

  • Created a graphic user interface for a wide area network design tool, pioneering GUI technology at Digital.
  • Designed and implemented a rules-based local area network tuning prototype, after interviewing network managers to learn tuning rules. This resulted in first-ever consolidation of network tuning information at Digital.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science, Information and Computer Science